You should always terminate your tenancy agreement in writing. When a tenant terminates a tenancy agreement, the notice period is always one full calendar month. The notice period is calculated from the last day of the calendar month during which we receive the notice. For example, if you give notice to terminate your tenancy agreement on 16 April, the first possible termination date of the tenancy agreement is 31 May.

If two people signed the tenancy agreement, both people must also confirm the termination. If only one tenant is terminating the tenancy agreement while the other tenant wishes to stay in the apartment, the tenant staying must confirm the termination, accepting full responsibility for the tenancy agreement and the obligations it entails.

You can give notice to terminate your tenancy agreement electronically using your online banking ID or you can send the printable termination form, signed, by email to

Terminating a tenancy agreement

Please terminate your tenancy agreement in writing with your signature. You can do it electronically (link). If two people signed the tenancy agreement, they must both use their online banking ID to give notice to terminate the agreement. If the service does not recognize you, please contact our customer service.

Not everyone can use the electronic termination, but it is also possible to print the termination form and send it to:

You can find the termination form here.

Confirmation of termination

Once we have received and processed your notice to terminate your tenancy agreement, we will always send written confirmation and instructions for moving out by email or post.

Returning the deposit

We shall return the deposit within two weeks of the termination of the tenancy agreement if there are no grounds for withholding the deposit. When you have returned all the keys to the apartment and cleaned the apartment appropriately we shall return the deposit. Remember to give us details of your bank account for returning the deposit.