Sometimes life presents you with a situation in which you wish to switch to another rental apartment.

In order to do so, please submit an apartment application. Select the section “Asunnon vaihto” and enter your preferences regarding the apartment and district. You can also include districts or neighbourhoods where there currently are no vacant apartments. You may state your reason for switching apartments in the field “Lisätiedot”. We will try to fulfil your wish as soon as possible. Your housing application is valid for three months. You can extend your application period by calling our customer service at tel. +358 20 130 3003.

Should an apartment that meets your preferences come available, our letting negotiator will be in touch with you. The exchange requires that you have no outstanding rent liabilities and that we have not received any complaints about you during your tenancy.

If a new apartment is found with your current lessor, your current tenancy agreement can be ended at the start date of the new agreement. By doing so, you will avoid having to pay two rents simultaneously. We shall ensure that your current tenancy agreement is terminated when you enter into the new agreement.