Below you will find a few tips on worry-free tenancy.

Saving energy

Using less energy saves both money and the environment. For starters, turn off any lights, TV and other appliances after use and avoid running the water unnecessarily. Electricity companies’ websites contain plenty of good tips for saving energy.

The role of the property maintenance company

The maintenance company is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the property, apartments and the outside areas. The maintenance company also receives residents’ reports of faults and is on call 24 hours a day in case of urgent maintenance work and to open doors for residents in emergencies. On-line service request

Waste collection and sorting

Dispose of all household waste at the waste collection point. You can help keep the collection point clean by sorting your waste correctly and by making sure as you leave that the collection point is as clean as when you entered it. Mixed waste is the most expensive type of waste. If you sort your waste and reduce the amount of mixed waste, you will help reduce costs and conserve natural resources. If you pack your waste appropriately and make sure the waste stays in the appropriate containers, you can help keep the waste collection point clean and tidy. Hazardous waste or pieces of furniture, etc. should never be taken to the waste collection point or waste shed. They are the responsibility of municipal recycling services.

Home insurance

Having home insurance is always a good idea. Housing companies have an insurance policy that covers damage to the structure of the building. However, this insurance does not cover your personal possessions or movables.

The prices and contents of insurance policies vary, so taking some time to study them is worthwhile. Appropriate home insurance cover is essential in case of an accident. For detailed information about suitable home insurance policies, please visit the insurance companies’ websites.

Final cleaning

It is nice to move into a new home when it is clean. In the final cleaning, clean all surfaces, closets and cupboards.

Change of address notification

According to Finnish legislation, you must always give a change of address notification when you move permanently (for more than three months) within one week of the move. The easiest way to give a change of address notification is online at:


Everyone should be given the chance to live happily and peacefully. Taking neighbours into consideration makes life more pleasant for everyone.

However, you should remember that normal sounds of living can often be heard next door, and you cannot expect your neighbours to be totally silent. If everyone follows the rules and regulations of the housing company and takes other people into consideration, all residents can enjoy a pleasant life. The housing company regulations are notified on the housing company notice board.

Your name on the door

The property maintenance company will place the name of the new resident on the door and the board in the stairwell upon the moving-in notice by the resident.

Extract of register of occupants

You can order an extract of the register of occupants from the property maintenance company. It is required that you have submitted a moving-in notice to the property maintenance company. The maintenance company’s contact information are notified on the housing company notice board.

Smoke alarm

In Finland, smoke alarms are compulsory in all homes, including holiday homes. Ensure that you have a properly installed and working smoke alarm. One smoke alarm is required for every 60 m2 on each floor of the home.

Electricity contract

The electricity contract for the apartment is the responsibility of the resident. You should make the contract before you move in. When you make the agreement, you can specify the start date as the date you move in.

Moving-in and moving-out notification

Submit a moving-in notice to the property maintenance company within three days from moving in. Similarly, a moving out notification must be submitted when moving out. Full names and identity codes of everyone moving in to the apartment must be entered in the notification. The moving-in and moving-out notifications help the maintenance company keep the register of occupants updated. The maintenance company’s contact information are notified on the housing company notice board.

Storage of outdoor equipment

If there is a storeroom for outdoor equipment in your building, it is mainly for storing bikes. Prams should be stored in a designated storage to ensure good order and fire safety at the property. Furniture, tyres etc. should be stored in the apartment-specific storage.


Before you move into a rented or right-of-occupancy home, you must pay a deposit. We will refund the deposit within approximately one month upon the expiration of the tenancy agreement when you have fulfilled all your obligations under the tenancy agreement.

Payment of rent and service charge

Payments must be made by the due date to the correct bank account, using the correct reference number. If you temporarily do not have the correct reference number, please write your exact address in the reference field. For overdue payments, we shall always send out a reminder. If the payment is not carried out, it shall be collected by a debt collection agency, which will incur additional costs to you.

Water rates

Housing companies use different methods for calculating the water rates:

  • apartment-specific water rates
  • water rates based on the number of residents
  • water rates included in rent
  • advance payment, apartment-specific water meters

Remember to notify the maintenance company of any changes to the number of residents in your apartment. The maintenance company’s contact information are notified on the housing company notice board.

Common areas

The common areas in the building are intended for the use of all residents. The common areas include sauna facilities, stairwells, drying rooms, club rooms and outdoor areas. Residents must keep their personal belongings in the apartment-specific storage space or designated storage rooms such as outdoor equipment storage for bikes.