Letting of student apartments owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY)

Who can apply for student housing?

Applications for student housing can be made by full-time students studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at the University of Helsinki. The progress of studies is checked at the time of signing the tenancy agreement, when the agreement is renewed, when the right of residence is checked, and whenever you deal with the office. Please note! No pets are allowed in the apartments.

Student housing properties

Kamppi, Helsinki; Domus Academica, Leppäsuonkatu 9 B (61 apartments)

Located in Kamppi in central Helsinki, Domus Academica has been offering student housing in the city centre since 1947. Thanks to the central location, all the amenities are within walking distance and the transport connections are excellent. The property offers diverse living and study-related services. Domus Academica also houses facilities for various leisure activities organised by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. The property has a lift.

Types of apartments and rent:
Studio apartments (rent from approx. €600 – 630)
Shared apartment, two tenants (rent from approx. €380 – 400)
Family apartments (rent from approx. €720 – 800)

The rooms are unfurnished, but it is also possible to rent them furnished.

What kind of apartment can I apply for?

  • Single people – a shared apartment (separate for men and women), studio or one-bedroom apartment
  • A couple – a studio or one-bedroom apartment
  • A family with children – a studio or a one-bedroom apartment

Tenancy period

HYY student apartments have a restricted tenancy period of five years. This is stated in the tenancy agreement.

In justified, exceptional cases, it is possible to agree on a maximum of a six-month extension to the tenancy period, if the tenant finishes their studies within the extended tenancy period.

How to apply for housing

Apply for housing

You can apply for housing once your study place has been confirmed. At the earliest, you can apply four months before you need housing. The applicant may have one valid application for each type of apartment (single person, family).

The housing application is valid for three months.

Remember to renew your application, otherwise it will be deleted from the system. To renew your application, send a message to hyy-asunnot@colliers.com or submit a completely new application and state in the additional information section that this is a renewal.

Credit information check

The credit information of all applicants and of the guardian of under-age applicants is automatically checked at the time of application. The check is made with Suomen Asiakastieto. When you submit a housing application, you agree to a credit information check for yourself and your guardian (if applicable).

Offer of housing

We will contact you when a suitable property becomes available. However, we will only know about properties becoming available about one month in advance, so you may receive an offer of housing only a short while before an apartment is available. We will email the offer, so remember to check your inbox.

The email containing the offer will also contain further instructions on how to accept the offer. Please note that, due to high demand, the housing offer is valid for a limited time only. If you do not accept the offer within the time limit, we will offer the apartment to the next applicant.

If you do not wish to accept the offer of housing, cancel the offer by replying to the message. You may only refuse offered housing once for a justified reason. After the second refusal, your application will be removed.


The deposit for a room in a shared apartment is €260, and for a studio, a one-bedroom apartment and a family apartment, €500. If you are using a payment by the Department of Social Services and Health Care for the deposit, you must submit a receipt of a deposit payment made by the department to the HYY deposit account.

Please note!

You have no right, without the landlord’s permission, to sublet or assign your apartment, or any part of it, to another person. In addition, you may not have anyone permanently stay with you if they are not in the tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement is personal and may not be transferred to another person. The landlord requires that the apartment be used for student housing. The misuse of the tenancy agreement will lead to its termination.


A notice to terminate a tenancy agreement must be given in writing either by completing a termination form online or by sending a letter. Notice to terminate a tenancy agreement cannot be given via email or telephone.

If you are living in a family apartment and you are all moving out, each tenant will need to complete a notice of termination. The easiest way is to do it online.

Termination of a tenancy agreement

You will receive confirmation of the termination on screen and to your email address.

Once you have terminated your tenancy agreement, we will send confirmation by post and email. If you do receive confirmation within five working days of giving notice to terminate your tenancy agreement, please contact Colliers student housing office.

Notice period

In tenancy agreements that are valid until further notice, the notice period for terminating the agreement is always one month. The notice period is calculated from the last day of the calendar month during which the notice was given. There is no need to give separate notice when a fixed-period tenancy agreement comes to an end. When you give notice to terminate your tenancy agreement, you give permission for the landlord to carry out a leaving inspection of the apartment.

Home insurance

You should take out a home insurance policy to cover your personal possessions, as such items are not covered by the property insurance.

Home insurance is mandatory. In case of accidents, we recommend that all tenants take out a home insurance policy. For example, if the apartment above yours suffers from water damage and this causes damage to your personal possessions, your home insurance is the only way to minimise the damage. Home insurance is also the best protection against theft, water damage or fire.

Apply for housing



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