Type of housing

Choose “Vapaarahoitteiset asunnot” if you wish to apply for housing without asset restrictions. Apartments can be let without asset restrictions also for enterprises. Choose “vapaarahoitteiset” and “arava- ja korkotukiasunnot” if you wish to also apply for state-subsidised and interest-subsidised housing in addition to privately financed housing. Please include information on the need for housing, and assets and income in the application for state-subsidised or interest-subsidised housing. The need for housing should also be specified in the application for privately financed housing (not compulsory information).

Limitations on income and assets

Some of the let apartments are state-subsidised and interest-subsidised apartments for whom the state has defined limitations on the income or assets of the applicant or the applicant’s family. “Asumismuoto – Arava/korkotuki” is specified in the home information, where applicable. For these types of housing, tenants are selected based on their needs, including the need for housing, assets and income of the applicant or applicants. When applying for these types of housing, please fill out the sections on need for housing, assets and income. For further information on limitations on income and assets, please refer to the ARA resident selection guide.

Personal identity code

A Finnish personal identity code is required for applying for a rental apartment. We use the personal identity code to review your credit history.

Gross income means monthly income before taxes. Gross income includes earned income and pension.

Filling out an application for state-subsidised and interest-subsidised housing

Prior to signing a tenancy agreement, you should, on request, provide accounts regarding your income and assets to be annexed to the application:

  • payslips of working people who are to move in to the apartment
  • for people over 18 years of age, the specification section of the latest precompleted tax form
  • certificate of the amount of pension
  • an account of the current value of assets
  • other possible certificates you wish to present to support the application

Please provide additional information regarding the need for housing.


Assets include owner-occupied flat, shares and real property etc. If your assets include an apartment, for instance, estimate the current value for which it could be sold now. Include any apartments or real property which the applicant or spouse or other future resident owns in full or in part.

Debt on assets include, for example, housing loan.